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If you often ship products to various parts, you are aware of how customers have high expectations today. They focus on data, and if they are not getting the services they need, they are likely to jump ship. One strategy that can help keep your customers happy while saving you money and time is Full Truckload (FTL). This is a method that you need to be aware of if you use truck logistic services.

What is FTL & How Does it Work?

Just like the name suggests, FTL involves using an entire truck for one shipment. Usually, an FTL shipment will contain about ten pallets, but there could be more based on the weight and size. Note that in FTL shipments, customers do not share the cargo space. This is an exclusive service you pay for. So, if you run into a company that sells FTL and they tell you to share space, do not accept. Even if they promise you a discount, then they will not be offering FTL. That is a whole different transaction, and it needs to be handled differently.

Why Is FTL Good for Customers?

Keeping your customers happy is good for your business. You will build your reputation, earn repeat customers and increase your revenue. Take a look at why an FTL strategy is great.

Saves Time

In FTL, goods get to their destination much faster. That is because the truck does not make any stops on the way until the drop-off destination. That means if you estimate the arrival time to be about 6 hours, that is the time it will take. This also means you can comfortably tell your customers when to expect their products.

Less Product Damage

Another advantage of FTL shipping is that there is no handling of goods during transit, which reduces the risk of damage. The driver does not have to handle your goods as they unload another customer’s shipment. The goods are also not moved to another truck. This eliminates the risk of good damage or loss that often occurs in transit. Your customers will get their items in good condition.

Exclusive Use of the Unit

Another advantage is that customers get exclusive use of the unit. There is no sharing with other people, meaning if you have large shipments, you will not have to worry about space.

Cost-Effective for Larger Loads

The bigger your load is, the more money you will save. In FTL, you pay for the whole truck and not just a small space. So, if you can utilize the whole truck space, the more money you have saved. If you are looking for trucking services that are reputable and dependable, contact BWS Logistics. We have a good record of delivering cargo in excellent condition and on time. We also deliver a variety of shipments, including auto parts, dry goods, machinery, packaging materials, and wines and spirits. Contact us today, and we will be happy to walk you through our processes.

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