Reliable hot shot delivery that keeps your business humming

(Think of us as your freight hotshots—but without the troublesome, “looking down on the little people” attitude.)

A construction project manager impatiently waiting for his hot shot delivery

Hot shot loads moving like cold molasses?

Fail to nail your urgent deliveries and fines, damaged loads, or worse—project delays, plant shutdowns, and empty store shelves—could be the painful penalty. With BWS on your team, you’ll focus on what you do best—seamlessly executing projects, effectively forecasting and managing inventory, keeping customers happy, and boosting sales.

What logistics stress?

Responsive experts

Meet your just-in-time commitments—even when hot shot capacity is tight—with our expansive network of experienced drivers.

Careful handling

Get instant peace of mind with an all-in-one source for complex logistics that optimizes your delivery strategies and actively supports your growth.

On-time delivery

Deliver your urgent partial and LTL loads in tip-top shape with our safety-focused carriers and the highest level of shipment protection.

Get the insight you need—anytime, anywhere

You’ll save time and beat back stress with our easy-to-use customer portal.

• Customizable dashboard
Simple shipment search
Dock to dock freight visibility
Centralized document management
Streamlined communication

“It’s great to have a partner that understands the complexities and time-sensitive nature of trade show shipments. I would highly recommend!”

Colin May, Director of Operations

Cool heads, backed by deep hot shot experience

Minimizing surprises and simplifying your day is what feeds us—and we do it well. Whether you’re delivering ceramic tile to a commercial construction site, drive shafts to a Ford plant, or the latest iPhone to a retail electronics store, we’ve got you covered. Consider us your logistics co-pilot.

Single, experienced point of contact

Proactive freight monitoring

On-call personnel to handle any situation—anytime

Expansive network of cargo van, sprinter, cube truck, and straight truck capacity

Same day and next day delivery—24/7/365

Safe, seasoned drivers that meet no-fail timelines

Robust information security and carrier vetting

A couple shopping for smartphones at their local electronics store

Hot shot loads—delivered in a hot minute

It takes deep, real-world experience to understand the complexity of time-critical partial and LTL shipments.

Here’s how we do it successfully.

• Use dunnage, air bags, straps, and load bars to mitigate shifting and product loss
• Monitor truck and driver performance in real-time to address issues immediately
• Handle shipments with extraordinary care to reduce risk of loss
• Add per-load cargo coverage to address risk exposure of high-value loads

All the hot shot delivery services you need, all in one place

We’ve got you covered—no matter what you’re moving.

Dedicated routes

Refrigerated solutions

Transloading facilities nationwide

How can we help?

Fast answers. Instant peace of mind. Discover how BWS delivers simple solutions to your most complex hot shot logistics challenges.

Give us a call at +1 (732) 333-3238 or send us a message.

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