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Across the windy city, BWS is redefining transport logistics for companies of all sizes with business-specific strategizing and a greater variety of transportation options. We’re a detail-oriented team of logistics experts, and beyond the basics of reliable and secure transportation services, our goal is to alleviate your stress and minimize the challenges associated with day-to-day logistics planning and execution.

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BWS Understands That Your Products Need to Be:

Handled Securely

Delivered On Time

In Perfect Condition

Whether you independently manage your logistics or you already have a few strategic partners in Chicago, our flexible 3PL network seamlessly aligns with a diversity of business models. We assist small businesses with local box truck distribution, we serve expansive enterprises with time-sensitive and bulk imports/exports and provide a personal level of guidance that builds value into every link of your supply chain. If your company could benefit from a more robust transportation network, leaner transportation costs, and time-tested logistics planning that meets your current and future expansion goals, BWS in Chicago is the partner for you.

Offering Drayage & Cross Docking Services in Chicago

While local logistics planning may be manageable, as your company continues to succeed and reach a broader market, access to scalable logistics is essential. If you’re not growing, your business is shrinking, and with our versatile drayage, cross-docking, and other impactful services powering your operations, our affordable solutions ensure that a trajectory of growth is maintained.

The key to developing a solid strategy for your business begins with an intensive dive into the fundamentals of your operations. After we gain a clear understanding of your precise business needs, here are a few of the value-adding services we provide:

  • Streamlined Drayage Processes: Port and rail ramp inbound/outbound shipments require an advanced understanding of regulated shipping protocols and structured organization to prevent delays and other drayage fees. We have access to diverse trucking solutions like refrigerated trailers and fragile-materials options and utilize strategic sorting and distribution facilities located at every major drayage destination for rapid shipment across the nation.
  • Accelerated Shipping Plans With Cross Docking: Instead of paying to store your precious inventory, well-planned cross-docking services minimize shipping delays and reduce your warehouse fees. At our partners’ cross-docking facilities, your inventory is transferred from the first truck, sorted with care, then promptly shipped on the most cost-effective mode of transit. Great for time-sensitive products, bulky goods, and for impressing your customers with faster than anticipated deliveries.
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  • Other Flexible 3PL Options: Easily interconnected with any of the services mentioned, we are your go-to resource for standard shipping options when cost savings and dedicated shipping routes are all that you need. We provide complete truckload services, local delivery options, and other niche transportation options like spirits transport and white-glove services for on-time and professionally protected transportation in Chicago and beyond.

3PL Specializing in Integrated Transportation & Warehousing Solutions in IL

The best logistics plan is only as effective as the ability to deliver upon those promises. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile by only selecting the best transportation companies in IL. Our thoroughly-vetted providers bring years of experience to every service, employ licensed and credentialed team members, and remain in constant communication with our team for greater transportation transparency with every on-time product arrival.

While personalizing a better transport logistics plan with you, you’ll discover that helpful education and honest guidance are core principles of our business model. We’ll openly discuss a variety of viable 3PL opportunities with you, and strive to respect your wishes while seamlessly incorporating greater functionality into your business model. Ultimately, our Chicago team only succeeds when your operations are enriched, and it all begins with the best customer care in IL.

Upgrade Your Transportation Processes in IL Today

All of our adaptable logistics solutions involve ongoing refinement and adjustable service. With over 50 years in the industry, we understand that logistics is an ever-changing puzzle that requires constant attention. We’ll be there to help you pivot and remain competitive, and look forward to helping you define a strategy that primes your business for exponential growth.