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As your operations expand and sales continue to grow, maintaining a trajectory of growth depends on the reliability and adaptability of your logistics capabilities. Successfully integrating your products and services into a scalable distribution model is difficult to navigate alone, and if your business is growing faster than its ability to deliver on its promises, outsourcing your logistics may be exactly what your thriving company requires.

To effectively bridge the gap in logistics limitations, our expansive 3PL network and personalized logistics solutions are tailored to address your precise business needs. We treat our client’s distribution needs as if they were our own, and deliver professional results with a focus on liberating you from the labor, time, and money-intensive process of managing logistics independently.

At BWS Logistics, We Are Not Your Average 3PL

With over 50 years combined experience, our people make all of the difference. Our Experience, Passion and Integrity help us exceed expectations, with a personal touch. This gives clients confidence in what we do and our dedication will allow you to succeed every day and rest easy at night. BWS owns the process of shipping, start to finish, with proactive communication and on-time results. We will be your one source transportation solution provider that consistently goes the extra mile. Let BWS optimize and grow your business – one shipment at a time!

Some of Our Services Include:

As your logistics advocates, our 3PL companies go beyond the basics of your typical freight management, transloading, and local delivery services. We protect your specific product types with safer shipping methods, support your global outreach with trusted international partnerships, and simplify every detail of the process with organized guidance, affordable solutions, and clear communication at the heart of our best practices.

Best Logistics Company With Over 50 Years In The Industry

While any logistics company can load your inventory onto a truck and ship it out, as a third-party logistics management company, we strive to build genuinely symbiotic partnerships that support the underlying framework of your business. Our logistics company in NJ will personally strategize with your leadership team to determine a more cost-effective plan of action. Next, we will outline how we can strengthen or redesign your current distribution framework to support scalable growth. As your evolving and time-sensitive transportation requirements change, our flexible logistics services in Maryland, will be there to support you while we handle every detail of the updated shipping plans. 

Our personalized approach to improving logistics planning is only the beginning. Our seasoned transportation solutions providers will also strengthen the fundamentals of your operations with other advantages, like: 

  • Clients & Business Partners Trust in Your Brand: Our on-time shipments and safer transportation management results in better business relationships and increased sales as you consistently meet and exceed your clients’ expectations. Your production and 3PL warehouse partners will also learn that you are a valuable partner who respects their time. Our on-time processes reduce problems with vendors, establish confidence in your brand, and will demonstrate that your company stands behind its pick-up and delivery promises.

  • Direct Cost Savings: Instead of paying excessive truck logistics fees, additional storage costs, or hiring staff to manage your logistics plans, our expedited solutions like cross-docking provide direct cost-saving benefits. Our dedicated truck logistics equal discounted shipping rates, our safer transportation solutions prevent inventory damage,  and our domestic and international partner companies guarantee compliant import/exports for seamless customs processes.

  • Improved Oversight: Our transparent 3PL warehouse trackable truck logistics provide crystal-clear inventory oversight. You will have access to accurate delivery timelines with real-time shipping information for greater peace of mind. From the moment our transportation partners arrive at the moment your products are safely delivered, our services provide the transparent insight you need to keep your customers informed and your products under your vigilant watch.

Your #1 Transportation Solution Provider

Direct from the coastal port to your facility’s door, our drayage services take the guesswork out of importing, exporting, and domestic freight management. For other seamless transitions, like 3PL warehousing to a retail partner’s location, we provide advanced cross-docking, full truckload services, and other dedicated truck logistics to transform complicated delivery planning into prompt simplicity. However, as a third-party logistics management company, we can connect you with faster delivery times, fewer storage fees, and improve your client relationships, it all begins with the best logistics planning in the industry.

Searching for other niche 3PL solutions above and beyond your typical delivery needs? Our logistics companies specialize in adaptability and are well-equipped to accomplish diverse delivery needs that require an experienced hand. For example, we provide highly-sensitive delivery services like wine transport, and high-value freight, and only partner with the best transportation partners who utilize advanced inventory securement protocols. In addition to safely securing your valuable inventory, if you’ve been using box truck services exclusively, perhaps we can help you design a transloading strategy featuring a mixture of air, rail, and trucking to meet your deadlines with greater consistency.

Time is money, and we’re on a mission to save you both when you trust in our top 3PL company to exceed your logistics expectations. Contact our top logistics team servicing California today, and learn more about the many ways we can optimize your logistics and build lasting value into the foundation of your operations.


Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals. For this reason, we carefully select the people that make up our team.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Despite their growth, the service we receive from BWS has remained constant. That says a lot about the company as a whole and the customer service you can expect from them.”

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“BWS has helped our business grow using old school customer service paired with today's technology. The team at BWS is very knowledgeable and experienced and do a great job from cradle to grave for us on both big and small shipments. I highly recommend BWS for any logistical needs.”

Airfreight MGR - International Freight Forwarder

“BWS has become a strong partner of ours. Whether it’s a regular lane or a last-minute order, BWS has come through with reliable service day in and day out.”

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