Drayage Services

Commonly referred to as “the first mile” in the logistics supply chain, effectively managing drayage is a core component of every successful export, import, and domestic logistics plan. Since the majority of goods arrive at ports or rail ramps before making it into the primary distribution networks, the ability to access and distribute to and from these major inventory checkpoints is a crucial step in any well-designed logistics strategy. 

At BWS, implementing seamless drayage logistics into our partners’ business plans is our specialty. Since drayage logistics involve a fair share of complications like port delays, financial penalties, and ground freight backups that often result in deadlines missed, overcoming these logistics hurdles requires an advanced understanding of drayage logistics and a well-oiled distribution network. With better organization, a wider network of drayage carriers, and reliable distribution companies stationed at every major US port, our advanced drayage services are designed to streamline “the first mile” of your supply chain.

Expedite Your Shipping Process With Our Company

The key to our effective drayage ground freight is made possible with dedicated drayage trucks and time-tested management strategies. With drayage companies in Miami, FL, and other strategic ports already established, our network of drayage trucks supports you with reliable access to the vital inventory you need in less time. 

With the most reliable fleet of drayage trucks in the country, every organized pickup and delivery is backed by real-time information for complete transparency and confidence in our services. By allowing us to empower your new and improved logistics plan, you’re free to focus on growing your business, assisting your clients, and improving your products while we handle every logistics challenge on your behalf.


What Are the Benefits of Drayage Services?



Secure Transport

Accurate Deliveries

In addition to organizing the drayage receipt/delivery details, our thoroughly vetted drayage-truck companies are capable of securing and hauling an extensive variety of high-value, fragile, and heavy-load products. Our company has years of experience transporting unique products like wine and spirits, bulk pallet loads, and sensitive electronics with care. It’s important to find a 3PL provider that treats your inventory with respect; our drayage carriers utilize smooth, air-ride trailers, and professional securement methods, and only employ drayage professionals that are certified in providing safe and compliant material handling procedures.

Move Your Goods Quickly & Effectively


Another critical aspect of every well-orchestrated drayage carrier plan involves clear delivery/pick-up documentation. Our drayage companies are well-versed in all customs processes and will protect your business from the fees and other issues associated with logistics oversights that arise when drayage loads are poorly managed or delivery timelines are missed.  

Also, when you partner with our logistics experts to oversee your drayage services in Baltimore, consider your other supply chain problems solved. For example, after we receive your bulk shipment from overseas, our network of transportation partners can help you with everything from nationwide truck logistics to seamless transmodal transitions like access to rail and airfreight for on-time shipments anywhere.

Discover a Better Logistics Strategy Today

To bring out the best in your logistics and simplify drayage in Charleston, SC, our helpful team works hard to earn your trust with honest guidance, fair pricing, and ongoing support. While helping you organize a better logistics plan, you’ll learn about a range of viable solutions and benefit from an objective cost analysis that respects your budget. If we only need to supplement your existing logistics strategy, we’ll outline a variety of ways we can reduce your ground freight costs, improve your client relations, and maximize your business potential with faster and more predictable delivery options. 

To learn more about our business-boosting drayage and logistics solutions, reach out to our experienced team for free information and professional guidance today.